Food Letters

Customer Relations

Galileo Foods 2411 Baumann Ave.

San Lorenzo, CA 94580


Dear Galileo Foods,

I am writing to express my interest and fondness of your food products. Ever since I was a lad my mum would buy Galileo dry salame. It was my favourite treat and I would be rewarded for going through with horrible piano lessons. I wanted to play accordion, but you know parents. Now I'm a new parent and have plans for my child to be a musician.

But childhood memories aside, I am writing you to clear up some questions my wife and I have about the dry salame you make. She has recently put me on a diet when I am actually thin and fit. She says that several slices of your dry salame contains more than one's daily requirement of sodium. I argued with her but she is adamant about her assumption though she is lacking facts. Furthermore, I often eat the skin casing on the dry salame but not that often because she goes crazy. She says that the casing is carcinogenic and I am killing myself just by eating a few gossamer strands of the casing. I love my wife dearly but sometimes she overreacts. We are both professors. She in English and myself a professor of Anthropology but having a doctorate does not make us medical or nutrition experts. That's what I try to remind her. It's just a rather silly and fun argument we have from time to time.

I feel rather embarrassed writing this letter but I just wanted to clarify these silly questions my wife and I have about the Galileo dry salame. I'm still eating it but have to keep it at my office so she doesn't go off the handle about carcinogenic rubbish. Actually, before we were married we went on a picnic and she enjoyed the salame. Now she says its unhealthy. I'm sorry to bother you with these strange and silly questions. I assure you that this is a legitimate inquiry. Either way, I would appreciate a terse response if possible. Also, you would be so kind and let me know if you have any promotional materials such as t-shirts or hats? I would love to wear one just to be a bit cheeky in front of the Mrs.

Thank you for your time.

Cordially yours,

Dr. R. Park

The folks at Galileo sent a very sweet letter with some coupons. They were very cordial and receptive to our inquiry.