Built Boyle zine was born in 1995. The photocopied images and manual typer text were extremely primitive, messy and glorious. Although headquarters were located in California, the contributors (known as Ministers of Clownmorphicfluxification) were from all over the world and put their individual stamp of Boyleness into the sharing mix. Built Boyle was delivered, mailed, and handed to lands far and near. The homemade quality never aspired to be something more transcendent than what its form was: text and image. But the collective and collaborative joy produced vibrated the air before dipping back into the Void. Roughly seven issues were produced and mailed, handed and thrown. For reasons unknown, even to the Built Boyle puppet/editor, the zine stopped and the copy machine was quiet. However, a few years ago, Built Boyle returned to the age of the electronique. Old contributors and new added their slice into the mix and the flow returned. The design remains primitive and the media manipulations erratic, but the joy continues. For older text/image/sound source, visit the Archive/File Locker section. Updates are frequent and we are always receptive to contributions because nothing is fixed and set when change and flux is constant.