By Kono

i knew this woman. angie. she was, for the most part, unhappy.

she irritated me.

she used to come over to my house and look around. it was a look of disapproval -- one that let you know you should be doing better. i would defiantly do nothing, and she would start picking up clothes. in fact, she would bring a laundry basket to my house, fill it up before leaving, and come back hours later to put away my clothes. fuck, it pissed me off.

there was something about her that reminded me of me. i've yet to come across another person who made me so mad. a person i understood completely. she was filled with despair, and every look on her face let me know what she was feeling. i felt it, too. we weren't nice to each other. and yet somehow, we loved each other.

now she's gone. and i'm alone.