Built Boyle Zine


Past Transimissions That Still Pack Plenty of Power!





Puffy Puppet Steps Out: the titles/movie

Hit Movie Pitches By Darlene Lewis

Social Dancing By Ruth Chon

Why Are Puppets Cool? By Isadora Lee

Why are you ignoring me?

Quelle heure est-il?


Talking with Trina

Beelzebub's Halloween Adventure By BM


XTC: A De/A-ppreciation By Jack Chang


Angie By Kono


Hoo Hoo

Captain Squishy music of G.McCrumb

Fashion Show


hello boys


una fotografia?


"Death of A Teletype"

The Animals Talk and Sing

Holiday: Movie photo shoot


O Ireland!

The HamuWizzard Answers All...sometimes

My New Script By Mickey Bluto

What Do Want? By Dr. Christos Christos

The Final Voyage of Leopard Gecko By SLEE

Fan Mail Letter


What I remember... By Jack Chang

Now showing... By Baxter

Bury By Fifi

1000 Years or Bust By E. Dale Strauss

city college By Slee

Art Painting By C. Lichatz

Bliss By B. Pop-O Flannery

International Moves and Movies By Darlene Lewis

Pathless land

Manchester to East Los

Japanese Insults By Peach

Mimi Doesn't Eat Beans By Computadora

Zombie curiosity... By Potatohead Francini

Paris Journal By G.D.

Film Reviews By S. Lee

Leave L.A. By Gina



Eating Duck

Hello Boys

A Week in the Life of a Venizen By Sombrella

The Story of Schlock



The HamuWizzard Answers All...sometimes


Complaint Letter By Capt. Peach

The Yoda Factor By B. Pop-O Flannery

A Slice of Pie, From Me By Keelu

Spacecu Invadersu Gameu

Here is

Article By PBN Masters

Compendium of Stupid Hollywood Conceits By Fifi


Croutoness By B. Pop-O Flannery

The Dream Scene collected dreams from contributors

Earn Enough for Us


The 10 warning signs for Pretendus Enlighteneux By Dr. Wanda

The Great Idea By E. Dale Strauss

6:17am By B. Flannery

I'm One

Food Letter

Weblog By G. W. Bush

The End of Sentimentalism

Are You A Horseface? By Dr. Wanda

Three Things By Muck

A Night In Hollywood By Darlene Lewis

Ursula Andress, the Quintessential Bond Girl

Asians Kids don't want to be lawyers or doctors By Fifi

Asian Fast Food Report By Fifi

The Scrunchies Pusher By Beckah Waites

How I Was Introduced to Soccer By Lemme Q

What's on your Hi Fi? collected

Broken World

Some Truths By E. Dale Strauss

Double Down

The Slee Site

Trimming with Tico

Everything Must Go By George Lee

I was in Charge By Peach

Prank Punch By C. Susan Elstad

Even Now By Verne Robeson

The Nest By Misty Swift

The Scrunchies Pusher By Beckah Waites

Poesy By Charm

International Moves and Movies By Darlene Lewis

Things That Irritate Me By By Gnitnub Fiel