By Brian Flannery

Astral trailings, spinning,rotating, counterclockwise, from the sublime heights where the silent ones reside next to the God-head down to the darkest blood dripped, roach infested, cobblestone streets, venice like twisted demon like beings inhabit. All in the blink of an eye, thought folded space as easily as folding a napkin. While we concern ourselves with petty distractions, haunts, quarrels, jealous dagger like striking motions, to preserve are precious one ring golden ego's. Of which shows us a potential self that would make even pin-head squirm in his venice abode. Transgressing deeper and deeper into oursevels so we cant even see clearly until we take off the fog covered glasses, so we can see at least one inch outside of ourselves. Just watch and listen, do flowers toil and bicker amongst themselves, and they recieve sunlight and water that adds to there growth. With the proper nourishment some grow into mighty redwoods, that never die. Step outside yourself and see from a perspective as if you were looking down upon yourself, and see your actions and reacions and watch them fade, crumple, melt like what happpend to the wicked witch of the east from a bucket of water that lovely Dorthy splashed upon her. Then realiaztion will come to the forfront and you wont be hampered, chained, bogged down, trapped in a nine by 6 padded cell. You will be free like a mighty hawk, streching your windspan and gliding upon the currents of life, seeing vast distances and mainaing an inner calm, that not even a typoon can smash you upon the rocks if you were in a rowboat. Sensations of tingling waves will overcome you from the warm, tucked in safe, soft blanket feeling, with no care in the world and breathing in the essence of pure freedom.