city college: i amble (preamble)

by slee

I walk like a sloth into City College -

ever seen a sloth walk?

It ain't pretty

But it's so hot today

and I loathe coming here

like a lathe cutting ear to ear i'm not lithe when

i'm here

But rather sluggish

At least I have a new pen

an Onyx Uni-Ball by Sanford

she being brand new

she writes so well

black sleek slick ink tricks

that are chic

not parlor tricks

but curves both agile and smooth


limber lines, loose, eager,

like lucky hands

not lackadaisical not lazy

but spry, excited, clean,

lyrical loops like when I draw imps

whimsical troops

say your "hellos" to my little army

yes I'm bellicose

and a little smarmy

But seriously -

forget the pen

I'm walking in -


Yesterday it was just December

Phil got married

and Cartagena was tender

Lord knows that Tuff Love knows -

and the full-blooded full moon breeze

jerky with promise

omnisciently blows

and stirs up the sleeping hollows


new highs and lows


remember those?