The Dream Scene

Society has fallen. The office buildings are crumbling, the dead traffic lights hanging on threads. I'm the only one wearing street clothes among the leopard print clad troglodytes. But I'm holding my sweet cave-woman among the ruins. And she's got a nice bum, too. (From Dag)

Last week I dreamt about Dwight D. Eisenhower on two consecutive nights. On the first occasion I dreamt that he was a patron at Carl's Jr. restaurant. He was seated in the booth next the drink machine. I noticed him as I was refilling my Coca-Cola. The next night I saw his face as a part of a series of unrelated images that permeated my descent into the unconsciousness. Not yet fully immersed in sleep and cognizant at some level that this was the second consecutive night on which I had dreamt about Eisenhower, I awoke with a start, sensing that such regular visions of Ike is demented somehow. (From I Like Ike)

When she leaves the room, I sneak in and look at her photo album. She lived as many different people. The postman, who is also a priest, arrives with the mail. I leave. By a drinking well, I throw shrubs down to a barking sea walrus. An oasis fortress in the desert -- I shoot the enemy army , but accidentally kill her. Her blue eyes are wild and accusing as she dies in my arms. (From Mystery Fish)

When I was little I dreamed I was "Penny" from "Lost in Space" and I was riding on the back of a moped with my mother (the mother from Lost in Space) driving. I was digging through a picnic basket on the back of the moped when I looked up and saw a giant skeleton (with feet of a duck) coming towards us. I was so scared I bit into the sandwich I had in my hands and my mother said, "I thought you didn't like liverwurst?" (From Czui)

I was living near Houston in a middle class neighborhood in an English Tudor style tract home. Both my real parents were still alive and my little sister lived there, too. I was my age now and so was she. I was somehow dating Macauly Culking and wanted my sister to meet him. My parents were yelling so me and my sister left the house. We ran to the neighbor's house and I saw Macauly's face in a window. He was smiling at me. When I grabbed my sister and told her to look, he wasn't there. We went into the house to meet him but there were a lot of excited people in there speaking Spanish. We looked all over the house for Macauly but couldn't find him. I saw a boy who looked like him but it wasn't Macauly and I was very embarrassed. I ran outside and I had lost my sister. I go home and my parents are still arguing and no help. I decided to go back to find my sister since she still had not shown up at home. I went to Macauly's look alike house and to my complete horror I saw my sisterąs skin hanging on a clothes line in their backyard. I screamed, ran inside and asked them what they had done with her. She was upstairs in a bathtub bloody and dead. (From ZF)

This time, however, you are dropped in the middle of all this. You look up into the cold night sky to discover who or what has been carrying you. You knew youąd see nothing. So there you stand, in a large clearing of gold grass, elms leaning at the edges, and you make out the distant scattered cottages lit from within. The dirt road up to them curves like a snake. Bicycles sit outside the first cottage you approach. The front door is open. A woman in a purple, knee-length dress sits behind a wooden desk, flipping through a stack of pages in front of her. Mrs. Gorf. Third grade New Avenue Primary School. You were the class clown. Couldn't stop making fun of her name. In the next cottage -- Stephen Kwo. Your best friend in junior high. A musty sense of guilt comes with the memory, as it comes with all those friends from the past who you've lost touch. In the next cottage sleeps Lara, a woman who came and went in your college life. Scene after scene, these ghosts stretch before you, ready to arise to answer the call of duty and make one more appearance in your dreams. This where they all live, exactly like you remember them, up to the last second before you sank into sleepŠ. That's where all my people go. When you don't see them. Or hear from them in years. And that's where they come from when they visit me in the night. I am granted an hour or two to catch up with them before the swamp reclaims them. And when they donąt visit, they mate out their dates in the clearing. There are plenty of vacant cottages there. The last one's mine. (From J.C.)

I am going to a concert in the mountains with my friend S. We are going to write about the show but there are too many cars going up the hill. We park and check out the stadium near Big Bear. The caucasian rapper is on the stage but his set is not that good. Then a friend from three jobs ago is on stage but she is in a wheelchair. She sings but people start throwing cups at her. She leaves. Me and S go to the snack bar and there are some break dancers. Their moves are pretty fresh and one calls me out for some Top Lockin' but I rather smoke a blunt and watch. Cops come and we run. (From O.L.)

I'm sitting at these big round white picnic tables when I find him talking to some guys. He mentions how he has "a new girlfriend and how she does EVERYTHING for him." He is saying it loud enough for me to hear though he doesn't acknowledge my presence. In the dream I still love him and it hurts me. I walk away with the picnic table chained to my leg as a bunch of crows land on the table. (From Megan)

I walk into a tattoo parlor but I'm there for a boob job. When I ask for painkillers they laugh at me. They call me a coward for wanting the pills. They show me the silicon implants that are different colours and shapes: hearts, stars, clowns and starfish. I chicken out of the operation and am kicked out of the store. (From M.M.)

I was one of the 90201 kids and we were at a beach party. I'm hanging out with Dylan and tell him that it would make a great finale if Tori Spelling's character and Dylan did it. He laughs. We can't find our keys to the beach house so we climb through a window. We were on the bed and getting down to business (secret special touching) when a lady cop busts into the room. She accusing us of breaking into the place, but I told them that it was our friend's house. She told us to get dressed and to be careful because our clothes were wet, but we didn'tąt go into the water. I opened the closet and got my black shirt and asked her, "Why are you lying to us?" (From T.L.)

I was with M. and we were trying to get into to this movie theater. They were having some party and it was at night. The bouncer was reading Kafka's "The Trial" and kept ignoring us. I told him that we were F.B.I. agents and he finally let us in while saying it was a good cover. I was confused because I couldn't remember if we were really FBI agents. The place was crowded and some girl in a silver dress grabbed my hand. She lead me upstairs to a room where aliens jumped me. They held a green light up to my face and demanded I give them the code. I screamed. (From G.L.)

I had realized that I would rearrange my apartment to better fit the layout of the windows, etc. The apartment in the dream was now 20 storeys high and had big windows in the corner area. I had a small tall table with bar stools around it. (From B.M.)

I dreamed RP came bo visit. He just showed up out of the blue and said it tool four hours to drive here. I said from LA and he said "allay" and then he told us he moved to Florida. He hated his new job so I tried to hook him up with a job and his hair was freaked out in a shag -- a spiky afro -- and he took off his head band. We ended up in Florida and went to his very oppressive studio where we toured the area. (From L.F.)

I dreamed that I was in a big house and found a bunch of Atari games. I was happy because there was a small television set I found and it worked. I started to play Atari and then my friend showed up. My friend lead me outside and we did it in a hammock under the stars while some Jawas from Star Wars wanted to film us. We chased them away. (From Chloe)

Dream of my dad saying, "Why don't you go back to Greece?" The flight there is a ski-lift escalator and the ascent is very difficult. There is a outcropping that threatens to crush us. We avoid it but there was anxiety trying to avoid the cliffs. At the top of the escalator is clear blue sky. The next morning I go to work and its my first day on the job. It turns out to be the worse asshole ridden job ever. (From. W.Lobster Snake)

I'm in some house and there is a party. I'm trying to go to sleep but these hyper kids keep me awake. And there is some dog running around. I go into her bedroom and she is asleep but the kids wake her up. The dog watches them and folds her ears back. Now the kids have power tools and are starting some construction project. Then the kids are gone but the dog is still there. Then I find the kids smoking pot in the basement and hope they will calm down. But I realize that it is crack and they get more crazy so I run back to the house. (From J.G.)

There is a great big bowling alley and a lot of shoes are floating in the pool which is inside the bowling alley. Everybody is getting ready to go on a long journey and we have all these backpacks on. We are kissing our good-byes and loading up on candies and fireworks from the vending machines. (From J.W.)

There is a story left behind in a recently abandoned townhouse-- left behind not in the form of a book or manuscript; rather left behind as a story that revealed itself two years too late, unhatched. It's a story of the little monkey girl that climbed through the window late one night and visited the man who lived there. It's about the man who waited for her with great anticipation-— how he saw her occasionally in a tree, as the crickets began their dirge, as the final sputter from a motor from the very last boat choked and docked. And it's about the man, as an eight year old boy who had seen her once before-- clearly remembering chasing her from a tree, down a hill until he heard his mother call his name forbidding him to go no further. Two years ago, when the knocking on the glass of his second floor townhouse apartment made his hair stand on end, he knew that she had finally returned. He immediatedly recognized the rapid tapping at the window as coming from the monkey girl that visited him that evening, many years ago when he was but a boy. The man bolted from his reading chair, dropped his book and rushed to the window hoping to find her back again. Perhaps he had seen her and perhaps this time she had returned. As he stood on a stool, he was able to lean further out and survey the neighborhood for some time. The only suspicious activity was his neighbor riding home in the dark on his bike without lights. As the man stepped away from the window, he felt a sudden dizziness, a warmth at the back of his neck, a sudden confusion. It was not unusual for the man to know where he was, but this time he was somewhere else, somewhere between where he was then, and where he would’ve been had he been there, then. It was a place that he recognized, and he remembered the comfort of that place that swarthed him like a blanket that embraced him so long ago, in that place he thought of now, as a young boy at home. He braced himself against the back of the reading chair. Slowly his senses returned and he recognized the book on the floor. It was a rotten mango that was thrown at him, its flesh rotted, a sinewy yellow brown. The stench of the rot rose, choking him and he vomited on the carpet. The next night, and several nights after, the monkey girl returned, and she appeared with such frequency and regularity, that the man measured his day against her arrival. If, by chance, she did not arrive, he would toss in his sleep, and arrive at work the next morning confused. Every evening he anxiously waited for the rapid tapping against the glass, and always, as he approached the window she would disappear into the night. Now, he read slowly, one page a night. He was so lost in anticipation that he spent hours re-reading the same sentence over and over, simply biding his time waiting. Despite his distraction, he was delighted that he could be absorbed by such a wonderful book. One night, as he was in the tub preparing himself for bed, the monkey girl entered through the window and stopped in the hall across from the bath. For the first time the man saw her up close, in the light. They both stared at each other, momentarilly frozen in time. She couldn’t have been more than twelve. Her dark hair was cropped short and she wore a monkey suit with an exhaggerated tail which she held in her hand. Her face was very fair, without tan or hint of sun, yet she shone as brilliant as any moon. There was a transulcence to her flesh, as if just beneath the surface was another being, hidden and disguised. As the man slowly lifted himself out of the bath, the monkey girl skirted away and out the window. Dripping wet, he chased her, and stood there naked at the window, looking for her. Again, he felt that familiar warmth of being home, back then at that house, where his mother’s voice continually called him back. The next night, the man again waited but the monkey girl didn’t return. At work the next day, he stocked beans next to fruit and shelved honey under chips. His co-worker followed him and reminded him to keep his mind on his job, because management already suspicious of the man, had reprimanded him and had given him fair warning before suspension. He thanked the co-worker, and focused his thoughts on his job. That night, again he waited, and again, she didn’t return—- and soon a month went by and he finished his book, and although he anxiously waited, he reconciled that now, she may never return. In 1976, the U.S. celebrated its bicentennial and the Viking II set down on Mar’s Utopia Plains. The man, then a kid, waited for his infant sister to come home. He knew her name before he saw her face, before anyone had-— Miranda. When his father went to the hospital to bring home his mother and sister, he waited at the top of the driveway with flowers that he had picked at the bottom of the hill. As evening approached, he finally heard the car come up the drive, and he stood there in a little suit. His father got out, went around the car to open the door for his mother and sister, but only his mother, her face swollen and red, emerged. As he approached, his father shooed him away with a gesture, and his mother, struggled up the stairs. She was illuminated by the porch light as she managed the final trembling step into her home. The kid, still clutching his bouquet, looked inside the car for his little sister. There was an empty babyseat strapped sideways in the back seat, it still smelt new. He left the flowers there and went down the hill to watch the traffic. A couple walked by with their dog. "Incidentally," the man said, "this is a miracle." The woman responded, "I never thought I’d live to see Mars." (From A.S.)

On a cross country trip -- I walk into a truck stop/time warp. There are all these very bad girls in late 40s era with tight sweaters. They are very short but sexy girls with guys perfectly matched. The guys are kind of jackson pollock and they are standing at the counter seemingly ready to wait on customers then every once in a while one of the chicks would pop up from behind the counter (in front of a guy). it looked so hot cos you realized these guys were completely satisfied non stop (by these girls) which made them read, waiting and willing to satisfy someone in return. (From M.G.)

I dreamed I was in a fight with a one-eyed pigeon. It was surly, scrappy little sucker, staring at me out of its bright yellow eye and it was slate dirty gray. (From Lindy)

I was on death row. The warden and inmates threw me a party the night before I was going to die. I was very anxious at the party but had a good time hanging out by the prison pool. I asked the doctor if he has some poison because I didn't want to die in the chair. He gave me an amber bottle and I started to chew on the pills. Then the pills started to upset my stomach; the doctor had given me Tums as a joke. I tried to find him so I could kill him but I figured he would see me the next day and he would pronounce me dead. (From Dariush)

I am bike riding past this village near rolling green hills and a river. I am going to bike to her house am very excited to see her. I stop in the village to buy smokes and leave my bike by a mailbox. I go into an empty store and the owner points to a Chinese book. I tell him I can't read Chinese then he asks, "Tu est Coreen?" and I answer back, "Oui, Je suis Coreen." He shows me American brands with Chinese characters on them. I buy some and leave the store but am shocked to find the bike stolen. I run around looking for help but everybody is on their bike and riding away from me. They are all wearing surgical masks and dark blue pajamas. I have no way to get to her house and I'm left stranded in a village with Chinese cigarettes. (From R.P.)

I dreamed that I was in prison and there was a young African American girl that was giving lap dances. Us prisoners were being processed and I got to fondle the girl's buttocks with my batting cage callously hands.. (D.V.)

There was a large group of rams running down a grassy hill and we knew that they were domesticated because they were in formation. On a cliff overlooking the green and the rams below watched a group of wild and evil rams. They were going to charge down and fight or eat the domesticated rams. Cut to: We are Secret Service personnel and we have to check the van to make sure that there are no bombs. We drive to the theater and deliver soda to the performers. Everybody is in costume and I don't know I realize who they are. There are some guys on stilts and roller-skates playing accordion." (From M.S.)

It's the future and we are in the hovercraft cruising through the bubble enclosed city of the future. I learn that she is now the mayor/ruler of the city and that they even have marching band competitions. I ask people if I can have a meeting with her but nobody is allowed to see her. Even the Beatles tell me she is the queen. (From C.J.)

I'm on a microbus/converted lorry with some teenagers and we are heading for the mountains. I have a backpack and a suitcase with me and warm clothes. The kids are smoking pot from large bags and they offer to sell a bag for $60. It's a mix of grass and rolling tobacco but a lot of gear for skinning up splifs. I remember my friend is looking for some gear but my new girl tells me not to buy any. So I refuse. We get to the mountain. It's a cold dark morning and people are eating food on benches. They are playing the Smiths on the loudspeakers and one of the actresses tells me its the unreleased album as I sit down to eat shrimp pancakes. (Terry)

He's really attractive and takes me ten bin bowling but the alley is filled with teddy bears. He goes for some soda but I catch him having sex in the backroom next to a large version of the game Mrs. Pac Man. I leave after I cut his girl's face with a plastic fork. (From S.E.)

Now it's a cold storm by an East Coast bay. K says that the boats are really getting tossed around. It's raining so we go into a store to find the ATM. Stairs lead to a room where a class is being held. I'm told to sit at the front of the class. They hand me some leads to work on but no phone. How about some vodka? the teacher asks. I say no thanks gotta file this story. Then I go to the basement where a large suitcase holds typers and jungle records. I buy record and go sit in this waiting room while sex industry workers try to seduce the clients. The phone rings and its the headmaster's doctor wanting the scoop. Nothing new here I report. Case closed. (From D. A.)

I'm in a helicopter with a bunch of people and we are flying over Los Angeles. The captain is crazy and he starts bombing the city. We land and leave the chopper. We go upstairs to shave aligators for leather sparkle dust. Somebody keeps calling my cell phone in my dream. We go to the roof and wait for the chopper to come and get us. (From A.J.)

She changed her hair but it still looks nice. We're skateboarding down Lincoln in Chicago though its starting to snow. I make a bet with her that I can jump over two garbage cans and she agrees. I clear the cans but hit a parked car. The ambulence drivers are showing me a slide viewer but I'm looking for her. She puts on a neon rain coat and runs away. I can't do anything because the cops have strapped me down in the stretcher. (Russell)

Berkeley/New Haven/Tangiers. I don't know exactly what city I am in but there is a carnival. A young kid leads me to a Victorian hotel. She is there with her hair in a tight bun and wearing a red uniform. She looks very unhappy. I leave the run then return and she has let down her hair which is long and blonde. She is standing on the bar singing and dancing. As she drinks from a wine bottle she shakes her uniform off and a flowery tissue thin dress is revealed. Some tough guy Italian mafia type gives yells at her but she has quit. The tough guy's girlfriend sneers at me. I get my friend off the bar and leave. She's drunk. We're escaping in a garbage truck that nearly takes out a few cars. We drive south on La Cienega but the truck breaks down. We are trying to make it to Century City to deliver the message to the council of apes. It's now night and we pick up some drifters. We go into a gallery and she says she has to turn some tricks now that she's unemployed. I tell her I didn't know she was a sex industry worker but she says that a girl has to make her own money. She needs a new dress, she says. I offer to buy her one with some crafts I made at the beach but she says she will turn tricks. She disappears. Some guys in the gallery try to put their arm around me but I tell them I am not a homosexual. They laugh and they pull the fire alarm. The people in the gallery hide. I hear the gallery owner arrive with her grandaughter. I pretend I work at the art gallery. The owner is a silver haired lady. The little girl has long blonde hair. We look at a very nice rug. The little girl wants to cut the rug with her safety scissors but I tell her not to. I look at the gallery owner and ask who the girl is. The old lady says the young child is my friend. She went into some time machine and went back in age. And now I have to take care of her. (From J.P.)

They are making me wear a new sweater. It's blue but I don't like it. I have to take a flight but there are no more taxis. (From Lin)