Built Boyle Winter 2003



On her: Rabbit Hoodie (J.Weinstein); Clown Couture (Tikiclown); Puppets by Goodner


On her: Winter Rabbit Couture by Jennifer Weinstein


On her: AlphaMoonBaseMonkey by Tikiclown Ltd.; helmet by Chuckah Chuckah; pursu (model's own)


On him: Fez by MoreRockCo, Trousers (Model's Own) ; Lion Puppet (Goodner); On her:

Elephant Puppet (Goodner)



On him: monkey by Maxx, jacket (model's own); On her: Clown Couture (Tikiclown); Hair by Sparku


On "Left" her: Winter Rabbit Couture by Jennifer Weinstein; On "Right" her: Silku Blouseu Colouru by MannyShevitz



On her: Chiffon Hoop Jumpsuit by Mucky; Hair by Saddu Haro Salon, City of Vernon, CA.


On him: Fez by Zef; Dynamic Rocker Blue Jaunty by Mystery Fish Design Corp.


On her: Evening wear by Animal Race (Dover, DE); On him: Expression by Bushmills


Gloves by Kimgordonlightfootloose


On her: Swimwear by Mucky; On him: shaggy doggy couture by Green Lenny (NYC)


On her: Helmetu by Headu; drink (model's own)


On her: Loungewear by Vera Wang Chung Computers; On him: Paltry Feebles Dinnerwear by You; hat (Model's own)

Review by Mindy Saunders: "Studio City, CA: A typical Friday night at the home of J.M. Goodner turned into a very wonderful and spontaneous fashion show. Models found a hidden closet filled with various pre-show couture and put on a brilliant manic show -- months before Halloween! And years before Arbour Day! But please -- don't touch me. They still say things about me. Bad things. Anywho, some highlights included the new evening day way by Jennifer Weinstein and a sporty new and bold and refreshing and dynamic and looking-like look from Tikifish. We didn't know that puppets and furry costumes go hand in hand and had to hand it to them for stuff we didn't know. My dog was not allowed in the show so that was a minus to the evening. Also my dog (senor payaso) was too shy and didn't speak in front of the people like he does when it's just me and him. He tells me things. He tells me to hurt the whoures. He tells them they are to blame for him my recent ex-boyfriend leaving me -- him, who left me for that, that whoure. Anywho, we were excited to see the new winter line that reminded us of cold days and nights by the fire in costume. Like we used to do before he cheated on me with that... It was also a great moment when the new modern in your face design by Mucky was revealed though here in Marketing we would like to suggest a Rastafication of the line by about 17% and make it a little more Retro-Future to fully enhance the Future-Retroness, according to our research. Another of the night's surprises was the new line from Model's Own, which continuously never ceases to stop amazing us with night's surprises. The models were fresh, funky and fun -- a dash of sychotique and sexy and some sweetness. My doggie Senor Payaso had to watch from the outside window but he was pleased at the overall experience. He was also transmitting more messages into the wet electric folds of my brain to kill those... to get... back... he has to come back to me... And, as my friend Vicky says, "It's not stalking if THEY are going to MARRY YOU!" Anywho, a brilliant fashion show! So, have you seen him? Have you heard from him? Did he say anything about me? Is he still with her?" Kisses and Misses, Miss Mindy Saunders, Built Boyle Fashion Critic

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