Eureka! I love you, California.


We're against narrow minded nationalism because "War is not the answer/ For only Love can conquer hate," sings Marvin Gaye.

However, we're proud of the Bear of the California Republic, the only flag worth flying.

We will defend:

LA, Oakland, City of Vernon, Santa Anita Race Track, Joshua Tree, Commerce Casino, Cabazon, Big Sur, 405 Freeway Traffic, Alameda Corridor, East Los, Central Valley Produce, In n Out, Porno Industry, Chico State, El Porto Surf, Solvang, Smog, Salinas, Treasure Island, Mt. Shasta, Natural Distasters, California Condor, BART, Salton Sea, Kern River, The UnEntertainment Industry, Irvine, Arcata, Humbolt, Burrito King, California Wild Poppy, Sanamalung, Bahookas, Smog Cutter, Merced Public Library, Eaton Canyon, Civil Unrest, Gabrielino NAs, Sterling Vineyards, Bob's Mug Only Store, Olvera Street, Lucky Boys, FA Spartans, Three Arch Bay and more.



Leave L.A.