"Scusarlo per favore, una fotografia?"

Gallery Eight

These colour pictures were taken with the Photoblaster between April and July 2003. Locations: New Yawk, Staten Island and Los Feliz, Califas. Lots of dear old friends and new ones: trinity freakurs, new york posse, east coast toasters, hawaiian mafia, los vatos con chicas, jungle c's, etc. Happy Wedding Congrats to Dave and Lorri! Not too long ago me had a good job, a good girl, a good crib and a good future. Now me lost it all. But still have friends and fotografia of which we share with you.

(top left -clockwise: damonique and rachel - pizza party, new yawk; leprachaun is a tricky man!"


(top left: susan, lisa, arnie "hawaiian mafia" in new yawk, ny building, yo taxi!"


(willage and ny scenes)


("manimal" kindo as borat with "sexy time" hand gestures; 5 sycamore, bronxville, ny)


(liz steph, jay perform, steph and russ)


(kimchee wedding, ed and jen, mac, mabs muller, kimchee coz chillin, staten island)

(mabs mediatation Lower East Side, aaron wino pictures are subversive)


(times squared nightamre: too clean, too expensive, too media)


(ahin, kimchee and dude, lorrisan and fumikosan chillin)


(hawaiian mafia los feliz barbeque with crew a & r, and chewie,the mysterious sock puppet?)


(arnie as "the mysterious sock puppet" with steph, jay observation)

(jeff and stacy, upper west side, floor, stacy on riverside)


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