"Scusarlo per favore, una fotografia?"

Gallery Six: Lingerie Fashion Show (hollywood, califas)

(fotos by Senor B. Sexton)

Our dear friend Chantal Filson designed a very playful and creative line of lingerie. With her friend Michelle Rodriguez (Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush), Chantal organized and executed a lovely show. Our homegirl "Nancy" was in the show as well and we were very proud of her, too.

The models seemed a bit rushed while the audience tended to blush.

Michelle and Nancy in the lounge.

These cute british girls were a bit on the snobby side when I asked for a foto. They said they didn't want to be on some "dodgey" website, but after I told them I lived in Blighty for a bit, they warmed up. However, they had way too much attitude. So, I asked Bobu to take their foto so I can put these lasses on me naff webbie. oi oi! ha ha!

Bobu, actually taken the night before after the Calexico show.

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