"Scusarlo per favore, una fotografia?"

Excuse me, a photograph please? O, this world of images! Mixed medias from print film to digital to people places things burned in our brains and bums. Do anything but let it produce joy, says the broken record. Piece your own memories and identity (identities?) through images. Ready? Now! Go!

pichurs pleez


fashion show

sockpuppet party

gallery nine: by larry gassan

gallery eight

(new yawk, los feliz)


gallery seven

(brooklyn and beyond)

gallery six: Lingerie Fashion Show

Holiday: movie photo shoot

(photos from JG's movie "Holiday")

gallery five

(roller boylers)

gallery four

(winter 2001-2002, food and friends)

gallery three

(photoblaster - zoo, oakland, ione)

gallery two

(jg dinner, venice, reading)

gallery one

(nocal, pedro, crib)

mudd bubble bather

sandy look down

photoblaster camera fun