Hip Hopu Poem/Letteru/Rapu

Letter transcribed by C. "Czui" Lichatz


C. "Czui" Lichatz: So, for years I worked for the underground hip-hop label LANDSPEED RECORDS (R.I.P.), and during that time we got lots of demos in the mail, many were just sheets of lyrics (often written by some desperate soul in prison) trying to get a record deal. At one point some kid in NJ was calling us everyday leaving these ridiculous "freestyles" on our voicemail (unfortunately I lost the tape copy I had made of those freestyles), BUT among all the "demo's" we got in the mail at Landspeed records during my time there, this one was the oddest. Written on two crumpled sheets of notebook paper, partially in pencil, partially in ball-point pen (impossible to scan effectively). I translated as best I can, paragraph breaks and capitalization/punctuation are made to emulate the original, although it is actually more random than I typed here (he seems to capitalize every other word), reminds me of SPAM email nonsense, and it helps if you recite it out loud:


Studio and...
Hip Hop Poetry Rap Music Studio and...
Vampire Wizard Records Studio

(next page) This is "MC" Crazy Shawn aka Shawn B#### (illegible) are ceo MC Baltimore D.J. and MC" Stay. Hey coming soon (I Love you (again) single song write by NIGHTWOLF and MC" Optimusprime, D.J. and Shawn B##### executive producer NIGHTWOLF and NIGHT THING. Say Landspeed Records Can I have some records Company stuff for album promotion. Solo by By Shawn B###. My album Long Playing CD. Bring seft confidence. Project solo album. promotion by "MC" CRAZY SHAWN Entertainment. Studio Say Landspeed Records. Can I have a free video rap hip hop tape I have love letter sweep stake. write a love letter this is to lady around the world

(next page) a Free Rap Video From Landspeed Records. Can you guy give me some promotional money for my new solo album by NIGHT WOLF and MC Optimusprime D.J. and MC" Crazy Shawn i love you again my single solo slow love soft song I have a very deep R&B music with rap hip hop poetry jump up freestyle rap lyrics From MC Crazy Shawn entertainment. This is a new year new Hip Hop B-stand new School rap Lyrics. Say Landspeed Records This is Shawn B##### ceo of MC" Crazy Shawn entertainment Studio I write private Love Song Exotic Female dance sex Fasntasy song I write poem and poetry and vampire novel.


c. "czui" lichatz has been contributing to the Built Boyle mix since its first issue. Please see more of his contributions in the Archive.

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