Japanese Insults

by Peach

Trust the Japanese language to pinpoint all levels of human complexes, inhibitions and psychological disorders. Here is a compilation from caustic Japanese friends of Peach. Remember to roll your 'R's!

YARIMAN Slut/whore. Very derogatory, don't say out loud in public unless you mean it.

YARICHIN Male slut, "player".

YERO CABU "Yellow Cabs" - Japanese girls who go after expat men. So called because they're like yellow taxies in New York City - freely available for a ride, anywhere, anytime.

GAISEN Japanese who only date foreigners ("sen" means specialty)

NAISEN Japanese who only date other Japanese (also known as "sticky rice" in the US)

FUKESEN People who only date older people (old men/women fetish)

YOGOROSEN This is very dirty - people who have a fetish for unwashed people - i.e. those who don't wash the byproducts of sex off and are thus very sexy smelling. In gay communities in the US, the equivalent is flavor saver ("flava-sava").

SEBEN ELEBEN Seven Eleven, i.e. women who are like the convenience store, always "open" 24 hours of the night for a man.

CONBINI ONNA Peach's favorite. Conbibi comes from "convenience", as in a Seven Eleven store, thus "convenience store woman", same as seben eleben.

BENJO ONNA Toilet Girl, always available for men to come in and do their business and leave. Close in spirit to the American expression of saying someone's private parts are "public access".