Leave L.A.

Locals only!

by Gina

If you are planning to move to LA to "make it" in one of the industries, please don't move here. You won't like it and the odds of hitting your fame and fortune are against you. So, if you're packing your suitcase and heading towards California, go to San Francisco instead. Nobody who lives there is actually from there. It's mainly East Coasters and Midwesterners searching for gold. Don't come to Los Angeles. You won't like it.

I grew up in LA. I went to school here. I love it. Even my boyfriend is from LA (San Diego, really) but he couldn't help that. It's getting crowded. I have seen it change so much in the past couple of years. Too many East Coasters come into our town and raise our rents, clog our freeways and over take our cool bars by turning them into stupid trendy clubs. Why don't you young people move to Williamsburg, Brooklyn or the Mission district in San Francisco? You already kicked out enough minorities there so you can set up your cafes, lame bars and over-priced ugly shops. Have you been to those neighbourhoods recently? It's all template text book hipsters walking around -- not working, but sulking plenty. We have enough poseur hipsters here. And what's up with those damn trucker hats, leg warmers and mullets? I lived through the 80s and mullets are not funny. And what's with guys not taking showers? Is that meant to be the new sexy junkie look? Gross.

Either way, if you do have to move to LA go to the Westside. It's boring and gentrified enough with plenty out of towners. They won't notice there. I like going to the beach to watch my boyfriend surf sometimes but other than a few nice places to eat, it's pretty boring out there. Also, when my boyfriend surfs he respects the locals and is totally polite. That's a good rule. If you have to move here, respect us locals. Hey, I have a lot of friends who were not originally from here but they paid their dues. They also respect and study our city's history. But there are the out of towners who constantly complain. Don't like smoggy LA? Then go to the Westside and stay there. You know, I saw these poseurs invade our bar here in the Lake the other night. There were ten guys and girls all talking about driving back to Venice, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. Talk about boring places to live. Don't even get me started.

I read that 800 people move to the Los Angeles area every day. It's unbelievable. We have to find a new place to live but all the non Angelinos have made the once affordable neighbourhoods unafforable. And now we have to look in the suburbs. Thanks you guys!

I know what you're thinking: "I'm going to Hollywood to make in the Biz or my band is really different from all the other groups out there." Well, a million other deluded kids think the same thing. They come pouring into our town and start gabbing about their "projects" or "demos." Nobody cares about your stupid ideas. Guess what? The entertainment industry is not only a joke, it's way beyond competitive. Go to New York City and talk on your cell phone there. The streets are littered with young yuppies and hipsters, too. Look at the East Village. What happened to all the drugies and hookers? It's just sushi bars and clubs. Well, some yummy cafes, too. Or why don't you go to Chicago, Canada or New Jersey? Just don't come to LA. You're not going to make it. You're deluding yourself. You think that you're more important with your industry connections that you have the right to kick out the ethnic families out of the only areas they used to afford?

This is a free world and you can travel all over the place. Why don't you go to Miami? It's warm and more fake than LA. Ain't it funny when kids move here and then all they do is start complaining out LA. Well, if you don't like it here in LA, then move out. We can use the parking spaces.

When not complaining, Gina is enrolled at USC graduate studies, walks her dog at Dog Park in Silverlake, cooks gourmet dinners and makes fun of people who live in Burbank, Califas. (Editors' note: Gina is actually a very sweet caring person from ... Orange County! But she couldn't help that. Also, the other editors here at BB don't mind people moving to Los Angeles at all. The more the merrier, right? Sorry Gina)