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fallu 2007

We are proud to bring you the Fallu flavour and hope it's something you'd savor. Let's get this issue [party] started right. Right On!
Jack Chang shares This is What Happened to Me the Other Day and just because summeru loving happened so fast doesn't mean you fellas can't learn Five Things Men Should Avoid on A First Date by Axter. David Kim helps us get our mojo working with Shaman Seoul. Liz Kono, on the earthly wings of poesy, contributes again with Option 2. Don't be afraid when Peach shares the Fears of My Life. Unsound methods? Frankly, I don't see any method at all but we can still read Mb's Letters from Cambodia. C. MacNevin knows that fall is coming so he shares Prop the Door. Crank down the windows and turn up the stereo as Ruth Chon shares My First Ride. O all the joy and sorrow -- Leify spins the wheel and tells us about Taking Turns. O lost loves and found fotos -- C. Lichatz delivers them both in Zebra. And C. Lichatz also transcribes the freshest poem rapu letteru in Hipu Hopu poem rapu letteru. Arnie Saiki tells us how Victor Made a Terrible Mess in the piece called victor made a terrible mess. And I don't mind... other band geeks dancing with my girl because the Orchestra Kids are All Right.

Fleeting and in flux the moments are, sing the Built Boyle ministers of clownmorphicfluxification from past issues and present. For 12 years these Built Boyles have contributed to the mix where change is the only constant. Love hath no past, nor future but this ever unfolding moment. Worried about yer own mortality? Not living to yer full potential? The meaningless and ennui? That's for the squares! We here at Built Boyle would rather clown our way through this blessed/doomed messy perfection.


Let's go!

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"How can I believe that everything in this world is going to be fine?
How can I believe that everything in this world has its place and time?
And when I lay next to you, I shiver and shake
Tell me you love me, I dream I'm awake."

-- "She Divines Water" by Camper Van Beethoven