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By Baxter

Now Showing at the Lamely Farthouse Theater Week of January 30, 2005

1. We Be Chillin' (2005). Comedy. 164 Minutes. Rated PG-13 for a scene of hip-hop sensuality. Starring Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, Bow Wow. Lawrence and Paula Winsett (Cube and Latifah) are living the American dream as an affluent and stodgy white married couple in the suburbs of Connecticut. The Winsetts take custody of the neighbors' African-American teenage son, DeShawn (Wow), after his parents are killed in a drive-by shooting while visiting relatives in Los Angeles. DeShawn's heroic and hilarious attempts to teach the Winsetts about black culture highlight some of the more absurd aspects of race relations in the U.S. today.

2. We've Only Just Begun (2005). SciFi, Thriller. 102 Minutes. Rated R for robotic violence and depressive elements. Starring Pruitt Taylor Vince and Christopher Walken. As the world's natural environment deteriorates and billions are dying, NSA agent Thomas Pitts (Vince) stumbles upon the cause: an artificial intelligence (voiced by Walken) had long ago secretly developed in the network minds of our trusted computers and machines and caused our downfall through technological, political, and psychological manipulation. Soundtrack by the Carpenters.

3. Say Uncle! (2005). Romance, Comedy. 96 Minutes. Rated NC-17 for sex between a prepubescent girl and her retarded great uncle. Starring Dakota Fanning and Al Pacino. In this modern comical retelling of Nabokov's Lolita, 11 year-old Jessica Dante (Fanning) seduces her developmentally disabled great uncle, Horatio (Pacino), after he comes to live with her family for the summer. Their misguided, repeated attempts to conceive a child meet with disastrous and side-splitting results, resulting ultimately in painful injuries for both.