Option 2

By Liz Kono

no, i wouldn't say she was an intellectual
but she makes soup
and it's pretty damn good
so, i guess you could say she's good at stuff
besides, her eyes light up all the fucking time
and that's just uncommon

i mean really, most people are so boring
their eyes are just, dull
and that makes conversation..oh, i dunno
something i'd rather do without i guess

yeah, i know i used to get off on it
little miss conversation, that was me
i know retard, didn't you just hear what i said?
i'm agreeing with you, it used to get me off
christ! pay attention
listen to my words, ok?
quit being rude

anyway, what i'm trying to get at is people change, man
as you get old everything is irritating
i don't know why the fuck it happens, but it happens to all of us, i think

eventually, we'll all be grumpy old men
..who huff and sigh

just walking around for no reason
huffing and sighing
and grumpy and old

and men

Liz Kono lives in Temple City, Califas. She is the author of Angie and other pieces in Archive.

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