The Nickelodeon Photoblaster Camera

The Nickelodeon Photoblaster is a wonderful child's toy camera that takes four wallet size photos on a single frame of regular 35mm film. Yes, a child's camera. I am manchild so I qualify. The camera is constructed almost entirely of plastic and has a green fluorescent handle. It looks harmless and gentle but is a monster on the art attack slice. So, let's do some math here. If you have a roll of 12 exposures you will get 48 wallet size photos. A roll of 24 exposures equals 96 pictures. And what about a roll of 36 exposures? Can you guess how many fun pictures you can take? Yup, that's correct. 144! My goodness!It's a delightful, fun and adorable camera.

During one of my first roll of films taken with the camera, I went to see a play with a friend. It was a brisk winter night in Los Angeles and the stars trembled silently about the city. As bums dug in rubbish bins folks in European sedans cell phoned each other. At the play I was told by the theater folks not to take pictures, so I sat quietly and enjoyed the performance. When the cast came out for their final bows, I snapped a few photos. My friend warned me that I was not allowed to take photos. I assured her that a few pictures wouldn't hurt. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my shoulder. The Director told me that I would have to hand over the roll of film to him. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. He was French. I tried to apologize in my broken French and told him the camera had photos of my estranged wife and I in our weekend Big Sur, California getaway. This was before she left me for another woman. The Director asked me where my wife was. I told him I didn't know. I didn't know where she was. Delaware? Helsinki? He said that because of legalities with the actors, I would have to hand over the film. Again, in my broken French, I apologized and told him I would destroy the film. He agreed and huffed away. My friend laughed and said she told me so.

Unfortunately, these angelic cameras are not made anymore. I had placed several bids through auction sites but always lost.

As promised I have destroyed the pictures from the play and they exist only in my memory. I also have photos of her, but you cannot see them. You will never see them. They are not for you. Anyway, here are some photos and I hope you enjoy them. Therefore, The Nickelodeon Photoblaster is a super camera for super fun!

Photoblaster update: Winter 2003: The camera is broken and the guys at the repair shop were unable to fix it. A sad day for all Photoblaster images. But they now exist, like the Road Warrior, in our memory.

Black and White Photoblaster Gallery

Colour Photoblaster Gallery

Colour Photoblaster Gallery II

Colour Photoblaster Gallery III

Colour Photoblaster Gallery III