Built Boyle Poesy


Going away

can't you watch it everyday

it's going away

it's going away

can't you watch it everyday

my life is going away


can't you watch it everyday

my life my life is going away

can't you feel it day by day

my life is going away


I can see it everyday

my life my life is going away

I can see it as it fades

my life is going away.

By N. Staff

I met someone the other day,
he was a drunk but it was cool.
He was a roughneck waiting for the bus
and somehow I caught his attention.
He got dissed by the driver when it came,
some stuffed blue shirt blew my friend off as he turned
to say something before we were parting.
The door slammed shut, almost on his hand
maybe because he was using it as a prop.
But he didn't mind that much.
You ever meet a stranger and they offer you a hit from their bottle?
He did. It looked like Popov, or something worse.
I refused, kindly, which is my usual reaction,
even though I know it hurts.
So he was to catch the next bus in half an hour
and I dont even remember what I was doing there.

By Christopher J. "Mac" MacNevin

My name is Dub $aq 
I got this Nut Saq      
and it smells like... 

By Dub $aq 

yoga class
everyone bowing
facing the mirror

By Wendy G. 

lovely day i had
lunch truck came - burger eaten
nevermind the hair

By Meggor

A Stanza of Trochaic Pentameter

There are better ways to vent my feelings
than to always tell them to my wife.
Writing, for example, is effective 
as is stabbing people with a knife.

By E. Dale Strauss

Eating our tails 

why do we act like such babies? 
throwing ourselves around 
red and puffy and bothered 
the same as we did when we were 5. 
Screaming at each other, twisting our will onto theirs 
and spitting them out until they die. 

I am better than you 
and you and you and 
there's no rest for those who are better than themselves. 
Because it can't be done, breaking your own record 
forever and ever. 

By Nick

Eating schnitzel with Dan
fireworks at Universal
In N Out Burger wasn't so.

By Mick Gee

shocking & mysterious,
mocking & ridiculous
the three-flush turd

By Lemme Q

Universal Flow 

I'm always me today 
though heed not what I say 
since tomorrow I'll be you. 
I'll Shout your point of view 
And you'll shout "disagree!" 
because you will be me. 
Which goes my friend to show 
how fickle all we know. 
Night's darkness turns to light 
Look back your left is right 

By Nick 

tanned torso
abs chiseled from stone
barbie voice comes out

By Wendy G. 

Little Hamster
laughing at me --
Sun shining down.

By Jack Macallister 

fourth floor ocean view
ex husband number five
martini in hand

By Wendy G. 

between Charlie Brown's legs -
him climbing tree.

By Angus McFadden

creamy mango sauce
lines across asparagus
still hungry

By Wendy G. 

Device their classes,
last but not least:
me pointing at you!

By Takushira Fawelkh-seeh

cell phone royalty
put on
and underqualified

By Wendy G. 

Two mimes
making whoopee in the laundry room
octopus arms everywhere


bitter coco color
tiny tracks and smell of cow
my kenneth cole bag

By Wendy G. 

Doctor Yasmed
By Wendy G.