Why are Puppets Cool?

By Isadora Lee


"Puppets are cool because although you might try to control them, they are still wild. Once the puppet was thought as only a child's toy, but that is no longer the superstitious prejudice. Puppets have the power of healing and they are, like you and me, children of God. We are all God's children. Anyway, when Puppets go off and do their own thing, you can't stop them. Sometimes you need a puppet to show you how much beauty, sadness and ennui there is in life. Therefore, Puppets make us smile."





photo: Marshall Moorehead


Note: Puppets are often used on the set of "Art" movies. No models were hurt without their consent during this shoot.

*Safeword = "Critter"


Freedom Through Puppets



We have kept ourselves in prisons of thought, emotion and desperation. Often we turn to others for advice, guidance and help but that is only defeating our own self discovery. Through the narrow prison bars of language, society and dogma, we are not able to see what true freedom is. When we look at ourselves with loving puppet like eyes and not judge our lives, we can acknowlegdge our own freedom.




Young Girl: Often I feel sad, hopeless and confused -- as though I was moving rudderless under the trees and buildings.

Puppet: We all feel that way in our shared earthly passage. There is much conflict outside and inside ourselves.

Young Girl: What advice can you give me?

Puppet: I give no advice for I am just beginning to realize the great mystery of life. I am just a humble puppet who loves love and love's laughter. Young Girl, the solutions lie within yourself.

Young Girl: Then you will be my guru and my teacher.

Puppet: I will be none for I am only your friend and not a crutch for you.

Young Girl: But do you not love me, dear puppet, champion of the lonelyhearts?

Puppet: Yes, I do. But remember that "love hath no centre" for it flows through all our atoms.

Young Girl: Can you tell me what to do, how to feel and what to think?

Puppet: No, I cannot. You have all the solutions as long as you stay loving, open and compassionate.

Young Girl: That's very precious, my dear puppet. I will listen to your words.

Puppet: Thank you but you must question everything I say and you must question yourself. Always.

Young Girl: Thank you.


Puppet in the snow

Park City, Utah 2000



With puppets in a show we create our own stories, illusions and myth.


Oh dear Puppet, hear us sing our praises of

adoration, celebration and joy!



Together, we sing the shared song!