The Yoda Factor

By Brian "Pop-o" Flannery

Electrons, spinning, flowing, breathing, passing through everything, God force, the Yoda Force permeating, being, loving, surrounding, being God. God is not some mythical, bearded, being, who sits and drinks tea with himself at the center of the cosmos. He is everywhere, he is the force, the limitless energy, Tesla, Reich, pioneers forgotten, they tapped into God. Believe, demonstrate, explore, experiment. Cider jug wrapped in aluminum and newspaper gather the God force, the electrons mix with the H20 making it the water of life. Potion for the masses. Nectar of the Gods. Water from the Holy Grail. No more food, aging slows to a snails pace, God is everlasting, just like the water. Ever flowing, changing, Drunken water master Kung-Fu, "Your Kung Fu is very good" It adapts, changes effortlessly, when confronted with opposition it finds the path of least resistance, it absorbs and deflects harmful forces. Forces of nature, forces of destruction rip and tear at what ever it touches. One cant touch/destroy an ever flowing being comprised of God particles. For it can ultimately adapt, change, reincarnate into countless beings, be it a dandelion on a rocky cliff, or a laughing hyena on the Serengeti, or even a pious monk in Yak Country. Yaks are beautiful creatures; their backs are as strong as the mighty oaks in Marin county.

A Ton-Ton, distant cousin to a Yak, gave life to Luke on Hoth. A cold desolate place with snow, ice, bone-chilling temperatures, imperial drones and Yeti like creatures. Han + Ton-Ton equals life to Luke on Hoth. Luke studied under the tutelage of Master Yoda. The colossal but miniature in stature, green, Won-Ton soup eating, electron knowing, God knowing, mystic, who lived in a green hut in Dagobah. Yoda's lifespan is 1000 + years, just like Noah for they knew and absorbed the God force. Yoda didn't need a palace, a few snakes and some futons within a lush swamp was his paradise. Yoda's paradise was everywhere, teaching young, Jedi masters, living, breathing, eating, the simple life. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, simplicity, Godness. Tis easier for a Ton-Ton to pass through an eye of a needle, then it is for a rich man to enter into heaven. Think upon it, live it, know it, daydream on it, make love to it, embrace it like a newborn child, cuddle it, snuggle it, like squzzable soft Charmin. Softness envelops you, super, cosmic, golden, radiant protection more powerful them atom splitting nuclear Icbm's, wrap yourself in electrons, God force, mentally bathe, surround yourself in layers and layers of golden, shields of light. Light is the force which repels all negative forces. Ghosts, poltergeists, demons, muggers, mental CIA brain scanner enforcers, cant hurt a light being. Light moves, flows, permeates, wraps. Wrap light around everything, light, love, joy, abundance, think dream, create, manifest, thought creates reality.

Enjoy life, consume, live, not like "They Live" movie, but the God force life, Yoda Zen and the art of electrons, simple, moving, flowing, energetic/non-static, cosmic dance of life. Harold and Maude, Vision Quest, Flash dance, Rocky, they moved, danced, jumped, skipped to life. They became, they experienced, they endured and loved, they flowed and overcame. See, the unthinkable, In Blade runner Roy Batty(Rutger Hauer), combat model replicant, experienced, flowed, visual retinal scanned "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium, riding the back decks of a blinker, he watched c- beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhauser gate." With his poetic verse he went on to say "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain." Humans couldn't even fathom, think, conjure, daydream, brain synapse such things. "Do androids dream on electric sheep." Batty sure moved, "the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long", his dreams unequivocally reflected his previous experiences. Maybe Deckard (Harrison Ford) even dreamed of electric sheep for his preoccupation with old photos, glowing eyes scene, and is reluctance to take the Voight-Kampft test makes one go hmmm.

Live for the moment, suckle that strawberry like it's the last one you will ever eat. Caress the strawberry like a naked women in your arms, look at the strawberry, feel the texture of it, slowly take it to your mouth, put it to your lips, suck the sweet juices out of it, savor the small bites that you take out of it, thank mother earth for its wonderful gifts, meditate upon the life-force of the strawberry. Open your root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra's as you are raptured up into heaven from this heavenly fruit. Live, breathe, feel, embrace, become, create what you want, follow your bliss, not someone else's. Love yourself, life, not your parents or friends/ dead relatives dreams. Flow like the water, love, become, create, manifest, embrace. Suckle on the soft electron like a week old baby, does to its mothers plump breast, straight out of the womb. Ever warm and nourishing, breathing life, enveloping, protecting, like the putrid inside of a dead Ton-Ton, Yoda's small enclosure, or a mothers womb.

No fear, relaxing sitting back wrapped in a warm flowing solution. Taking in the scenery, watching the gently waves fall upon the white sand Hawaiian beach. Lovely stars shooting across the horizon. A warm breeze touches your face, a sweet smell of flowers is carried on the currents of life. Closing your eyes, being in the present, not the future or the past. A gently rocking, slowly and deeper you relax, as you drift off to the sound of Enya playing in the distance. A heavenly choir of music so sweet it would even transform a ferocious honey badger into a tame pussy. A sweet goodnight filled with soft electrons dancing in you head.

The Mystical Pop-O's energy flows from New York.