zombie curiosity...in the flavor of stewart's diet rootbeer

By Potatohead Francini

i was hooking up an old television set with a relatively new game systemu...a game cartridge i wasn't too familiar with was already running...the graphics were eerily stunning...adventure options aplenty, including one called Wonderland Curiosity...a title like that within a game of shoot-em-up science fiction first-person perspective...i had to press play...a cross between resident evil and SoCom...and now i was within the game...and this one had all sorts of zombie monstros...well, shoot or be clobbered, i did...now, the freakish part of this adventure dream is that i eventually hook up with one of the zombies...unsure if the first face smash was of dismembering intent or of a tender face-sucku proportion i have never known

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